I am Keith McBlane, a professional graphic designer for print and web.

I have over three years of experience in print design, which has given me a refined attention to detail, and fluency with design and layout software. I employ techniques culled from thousands of pieces, making my layouts efficient and precise.

I strive to be adaptable and versatile, and I constantly look to expand my stylistic range and technical proficiency. I thrive in challenging situations where I am required to learn and improve.

Print Design

Web Design

The Adventures of Jimmy Freshclean

An original short webcomic, which portrays a gritty, surrealistic take on the life of a dental hygiene spokesperson. What happens when one toothbrush is pushed too far? The website design and jquery page navigation were coded from scratch, using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Friendship & Firelight

Take a rest from your journey, and join us around the fire to tell stories and discuss all aspects of nerd culture. Hosted by Keith McBlane, Matthew Seemann, and Dani Leone. Designed using Wordpress.


To request a logo, print design, or web page design, email me at mcblanek@gmail.com